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Timorasso Is Where It All Starts

Is Grignolino The New Nebbiolo?

Asking the Big (and Not-So-Big) Questions

Don't Call It The "Barolo of the South"

Venice In Ten Spritzes

Forget Negroni Week. We're Reclaiming Aperol.

Where to Eat and Drink in Venice

Spreading the Gospel of Albariño

The Melancholy of Margaritaville

The Drinker's Guide to Madrid

Garnacha That's Gonna Getcha

A Flâneur in South Jersey

A New Chapter For Everyday Drinking

Channeling My Inner Artie Bucco

My Guide to the Finger Lakes Wine Trail

Things In A Can, And Other Pleasures

Deep In My Ginger Beer Era

Even Bourbon Can Evolve

Yes, Virginia, Terroir Is Real

Does Wine Writing Have To Be So Embarrassing?

Everyone Loves A Liter

How Do You Define Tapas?

Light Reds From A Hot Place

The Endless Siesta

No One Wants A Fussy Drink On Fourth of July

A Wine That Even Critics Don't Understand

X Marks The Spot

Cleaning Out The Liquor Cabinet

Is This The Year We Finally Fall In Love With Brandy?

If It's Good Enough For Elephants

Touring Touraine

How Things Disappear: A Travel Writer's Pilgrimage

What Can the '80s Teach Us About Making Wine Fun Again?

My Rosé Glow Up

It's Memorial Day Weekend, So Here's My Post On Rosé

We Need to Talk About Rum

Wines That Are Accidentally Wes Anderson

Is "Dirty Martini" The New "Everything Bagel"?

The Word From the Ice King

Revolution Is Not A Wine Tasting

God and Pesto are Dead

As American as Blaufränkisch

On "Burgundian" Grüner Veltliner. Or, The Need for Ried.

My Quirky Travel Guide to Rioja

The Awakening of Peruvian Wine

Our New Travel Guides Have Launched!

The Ultimate Guide to Lima, Peru

Cognac: A New-Wave Travel Guide (Updated)

A Festival That Answers the Question, "What Pairs With Asparagus?"

On My Seasonal "Defective" Disorder

A Modest Proposal: Term Limits For Wine Columnists

What If Someone Made An Onion Pasta Recipe and It Didn't Go Viral?

How to Acquire a So-Called Acquired Taste

The Manhattan Variations

In Vino, Very Unsure

Wine Writing Is Travel Writing. At Least It Could Be.

Down the Portuguese Wine Rabbit Hole

Where Has All the Chartreuse Gone?

Among the Americans in Lisbon

Malcontent in the Middle

On Watching the Super Bowl in Cognac

Best New Restaurants in Latin America

A Long Drink After a Long Week and—For Some—After a Long, Dry January

Guide to the Lower Hudson Valley

Satay, Chardonnay, and Why Wine Does Not Have An "Old People Problem"

Making The Case For Schnapps (Once Again)

On Being a Lover of Eau de Vie in the Age of Fireball

Is Radicchio Punk? Is Nebbiolo? Are You? Am I?

Nice Work, Emily. You 'Discovered' the Champagne Cocktail...

With Island Wines, It's Always Five O'Clock Somewhere

So Fine Dining Is Dead? Okay, Bring on the Next Thing

A Wine Meant To Scramble the Brain

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