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Well, it would be the perfect recipe to pair with good-value light red wines, which have also still not gone viral despite my best efforts.
Unfortunately, most of it is not, and that's one reason why we suffer through so much poor wine prose.
As Portugal cracks down on hordes of visitors, what does a shot of cherry liqueur say about what's "touristy" and what's not?
The letdown of dining somewhere between "cheap eats" and highbrow in an age of inflated prices and expectations. Plus, wines that remind me of the…
After a week of talking about the "crisis" in the wine business, maybe what we need is a ready-to-drink cocktail in a can.
In which we continue our conversation about light reds by stopping to consider Noma's impact on wine culture. Plus: Alpine red picks.
Updates from the crazy world of drinks and travel writing, including my report on the wines of Baja and San Diego. Also, I'm now offering 1-on-1 calls…
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