Not always, anyway. At least in Montilla-Moriles.
Your reminder that, around here, we love Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados and all the other brandies.
Maybe we should change that this spring?
When Celery and Sherry Were CoolListen now (3 min) | They could be, once again, with this historic pairing.
As prices on French chardonnay rise into the stratosphere, a certain ageworthy Austrian white is looking better and better.
Some thoughts on complaining. Plus personal history! And a really long scroll to the recipes!
And that's a good thing. My report from La Dive Bouteille.
Really. I promise. It's actually very good.
Austria's obscure grape is delicious, pairs with literally any food, and waits patiently for the cool kids and trendspotters to discover it.
Pasta al limone, zibibbo, and the ancient mystery of pairing citrus and wine.
Too often dismissed as a middling or "safe" choice, sauvignon blanc from this Loire region has way more to offer than you think.
The perception of sweet and cheap—not to mention all those cardinals and conquistadors—isn't exactly a recipe for success in 2022. Is there hope for…