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The Most Memorable Bottles of 2022

Chestnuts, Winter Whites, and Anemoia

Wine Travel In an Age of Overtourism

The Year's Top Cocktails, Along With a Trio of Holiday Punches

Oaxaca: Where to Eat and Drink

The Mystery of Nebbiolo de Baja

In Tough Times, Just Drink Lambrusco and Be Happy

Drought, Wine, and Longform Journalism

Is White Lotus the New Sideways?

The Wines That Haunt Us

I Deeply Care About What You Drink For Thanksgiving Dinner

Is the Cosmo a Thanksgiving Cocktail?

In the Loire Valley, Goat is the GOAT

Armagnac, Before It Becomes Unaffordable

How 'Bout Them Apples?

Is Rioja the Next Great...White Wine Region?

An Alpine Wine Adventure in Valle d'Aosta

What's the French Word for That Austrian Thing?

The Martini Variations

In Praise of Dining Alone at the Wine Bar

The Myth of So-Called "Starter Wine"

The Truth About Vermouth

Slow Wine in Breakneck Times

On Boars, Booze, and Barbarism

Toward a Poetics for Coffee

These Wines are the Platonic Ideal of Everyday Drinking

What's More American Than Aquavit?

God Save the Dubonnet

Wine Media Is Broken: A Case Study

My Guide to America's Best Cider Region (Updated)

Dips + Wine = Dinner

The Negroni Variations

Does Spain Have the World's Greatest Drinking Culture?

How Sherry is Like a Bullfight

The Terroir of Weed?

Wine and the Sweet Hereafter

Who Loves the Lowly Eggplant? Carignan Does.

The Daiquiri Variations

Remember When Tinned Fish Was 'Hot Girl Food'?

The Big Business of Not Drinking

A World of Cognac Beyond the Big Four

Chasing the Unicorn Barrel

Is Primitivo a Zin?

A New Wave of Chilean Wine

The Other Vermouth That's Often Overlooked

Gewürztraminer is the Melon of Wines

The Subtle Art of Red Wine + Cola

Are Food & Drink Pairings Ridiculous?

The Other Pinot That Sparkles

One Plus One Equals Cocktail

It's Easier to Drink Weissburgunder Than to Write a Headline For It

What's German for Pinot Noir?

German Wine Needs You

See Tom Mix

The Best Cava Is Not Even Called Cava

Pedro Ximénez Ain't So Sweet

Brandy (You're a Fine Spirit)

Why Aren't Strawberry Cocktails a Thing?

When Celery and Sherry Were Cool

There's No Use Crying Over White Burgundy. Just Drink Grüner Veltliner.

Salty Dogs, Grapefruit, and that Lame Food Writing Joke We've All Heard a Million Times

Natural Wine Enters Its Dumb Phase

It's Okay to Drink Brandy with Dinner

Roter Veltliner Will Survive the Vibe Shift

When Life Gives You Lemons, Pair Them with Sicilian Whites

Is Sancerre Getting Serious?

Creeping Bourbon Effect

Baby's First Barrel Pick

Cognac Cocktails Beyond the Sidecar