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Playing catch up after yet another Christmas in retail. I LOVE this piece. Thank you. I made it back to Italy in September and we really did whatever the heck we wanted, drove around and found our own cool places. I have to say though, in the smaller cities, you can be applauded for far too simple Italian speaking.

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As you say… creating a story built around…

The hunt, in Paris, for vintage clothing at Kilo Shops, with your Grandson!

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The reality is more prosaic than the instinct to blame the thing of the moment like Instagram - there are just more people who have the means to travel. (It is a shame that so many people think more people with means is a bad thing.) Rebecca's lament is also so unoriginal. Remember the Rick Steve's effect? Iirc, there are passages in Forester lamenting the crowds in Italy seeking the great art as catalogued by Ruskin. And I am pretty sure, but too lazy to look, that we could find where Rebecca plagiarized Pausanius. (I kid. Sort of.)

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