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Sep 21, 2022Liked by Jason Wilson

You could insert dozens of wines in the space of Loire Cab Franc. Outside of the pearl-clutchers' preferred flavor profile and hangovers of over-oaked, over-extracted, possibly sugar-laced wines of the late 20th century, the 100-point rating system does us all a disservice in its inability to transmit the value of lighter-bodied wines. I had a buyer say to me not long ago "If you have any Barolo rated 95 or higher I'll take a look". I responded "well, it's a shame that 95% of Baroli do not satisfy the criteria for those rating, but if you want some balanced Nebbiolo with pure fruit and no oak, look me up." The bottom-line is that the rating system of the 20th century cannot adequately respond to the tastes of the 21st. I'd rather drink 88-point Barbera (or Dolcetto, or Sangiovese, or Grenache, or...) over 99-point Napa Cab eryday.

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