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Love it, always thought of Margaritaville as an aimless drunk’s self realization story. Never set foot in Margaritaville related establishment, assumed it was going to be like a mall for spring level party animal tourists.

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Buffett was a very likable figure. And a good songwriter when he chose to be, as you mentioned. But he was the ultimate Baby Boomer musician. Grabbing all the fun on the way to the bank. Espousing the culture of the islands while marring the landscape with tacky capitalistic crap. Never stepped foot in a Margaritaville. They all looked awful and I imagined the Margaritas they served were the worst possible.

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In his review of A Salty Piece of Land in the New York Times, fellow musician turned novelist Kinky Friedman wrote of his friend: “There is a fine line between fiction and nonfiction, and I believe Jimmy Buffett and I snorted it in 1976.”

Says it all.

Your Hemingway/Elvis line is devastating.

Here is my margarita recipe. I’m going to call it The Fine Line from now on.

2 1/2 oz tequila bianco, 1/4 oz agave syrup, 1/2 oz Sirene Bitter (Campari or other orang not bitter is fine), 1 oz lime juice (or more than you think you should use). Shake vigorously. Double strain into salt rimmed rocks glass over large rock.

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Excellent essay.

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