I think breakfast radishes and butter go well with rose’ and that aforementioned Sauvignon blanc or Sancerre to keep the French thing going on.

I will make that beet dip but I will not serve it with rose’ as rose’ is not on the house wine list. :-)

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I’ll get to the beet tip in a minute. I see no reason to drink rose’. Not now, not ever. I’d rather drink Karen Cakebread’s Ziata Sauvignon Blanc, or Bugey Cerdon.

And now I’ll take an Ramona Amarino

Spritz, about 8 ounces and only 90 calories and quite refreshing. Though I did like Jordan’s bubbly California version of Bugey, not as sweet, not as pink, just as refreshing.

Sad she gave it up for cans, but glad I’m old and don’t have to keep up with frozen pink wine. I guess rose’ will be the accompaniment to viewing Barbie, the Movie. But back to beets

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Rose like most subjects relating to wine is a bit subjective and open to debate. As one school of thought subscribes to the Provence mould. The lighter the color the better and a rather restrictive flavor spectrum.

I personally am more adventurous than that, I am not anti-Provence or other pale roses; but if that's all one drinks, perhaps they are limiting their enjoyment. Some of the roses I have enjoyed are richer, darker and deeper hued ones. Such as Tavel from the Rhone, Siller (Schiller in Austria) from Hungary, and Sangiovese roses from Australia. Unfortunately out here in Taiwan/Asia Bandol rose seems pretty hard to find, but I will keep looking.

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