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When pinot gris/grigio started to fill up white wine shelves (circa 2004?) and compete with sauv blanc, we noticed an increase in watery notes in the available PGs and in sweet notes in domestic sauv blanc competitors that we did not care for. So, we went searching. Things called "Sancerre" fit our desires when white Bordeaux prices went up (late 2000s) and white Burgundies/Beaunes became hard to find. We are pleased to report that, as of today anyway (hahaha), things with "Sancerre" on the label within the price range you described are, best as we can tell, worth a bottle or two to see if one likes this style - slightly dry, good mouth-feel, no veggie aftertaste. There are some other varietals we interchange with Sancerre (like Gavi) but have no particular brand loyalty. Reasonable price? Take one home and try it.

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